For the talent behind Dainsy.

At the heart of Dainsy is a group of bright, inventive minds. A multidisciplinary, experienced and resolutely agile team. People you can trust to be with you every step of the way, with one goal in mind: to make your life easier.

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For our commitment to security.

Security, confidentiality, and integrity of all your data. That’s what we guarantee at every stage of our processes. We have the certification of excellence to back it up: ISO-27001. This is the assurance for you, your customers, and your suppliers, that all your data is protected. Whether it’s sensitive, or confidential; secondary, or the basis for your business.

For our culture of innovation.

At Resologi, we’re always on the lookout the perfect solution for every project, every need, every technological challenge. Because each challenge is as complex as it is unique. It’s daily reality that requires us to innovate with creativity and ingenuity. The good news is that we love it. And our customers see it.