Like the Dainsy solution, Resologi is unique. Truly unique. We combine our specialized know-how with a strong team culture: one that focuses on innovation and simplification.

Cutting-edge technological skills.

At our level, the multidisciplinary expertise is the key. The one that enables us to simplify the unthinkable. Project after project. Whatever the field. And the field of expertise.

  • System integration
  • High-availability solutions
  • Data security
  • Communication protocols
  • Deployment of control centers
  • Software development
  • And much more

Multi-sector track record.

Over the years, our expertise has grown. Across a wide range of industries. We overcame many complex challenges. With success.

  • Energy
  • Transport
  • Smart cities

Today, our successes are driving us to extend the power of Dainsy into new sectors. If your field and project are ultra-complex, contact us. Our talent for simplifying everything will amaze you!