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Our key solution to overcome the complexity of your data.

Discover Dainsy

Yes, your project is complex.

We know this. And we understand it. Better than anyone. Because dealing with your realities is our business. And we’ve been rising to the challenge for years. Successfully.


The risks factors are really there.

Evolving data systems is a perilous task. Above all, don’t break anything, don’t slow anything down, don’t leave anything to chance.

Intermediaries at every level.

That’s the approach of the big guys. And it’s that approach that imposes milestones and slows down progress. Inevitably.

Tight deadlines, full of unforeseen events.

Sometimes tomorrow, often yesterday, always as quickly as possible. Risky deadlines, when quality and safety must go hand in hand.

Major safety issues.

You can’t touch data without thinking about security. Even less so today. And even less so your own.

The solution

Our solution, on the other hand, is unsettlingly simple.

Its name: Dainsy, for Data Integration System. The ingenuity behind it? To simplify ultra-complex data integration projects like yours. That’s the power of our innovative software solution.


Dainsy integrates, controls and monitors your data from different sources. It becomes your smart communications gateway—with unparalleled simplicity!


Dainsy ensures the highest standards of IT security. And every step of the way, we take care of the most important thing: the security of your data.


Dainsy can be integrated into any IT infrastructure and digital ecosystem. Best of all, it can evolve to accommodate your future growth and upgrades.

Dainsy: All-round simplification.

Our software solution can tackle the challenges of your activity sector and integrate within your unique business context. Revolutionize your organization’s day-to-day operations. In a big way. And for a long time to come.



Smart cities

The approach

Facilitate the safe and efficient upgrading of various equipment

Collect equipment usage data to establish a preventive maintenance diagnosis

Bring substations up to standard according to defined data and exchange models

Interconnect your protocols and bring your equipment to a new level of high-tech intelligence.

Modernize RTUs (Remote Terminal Units) to facilitate system interfacing with new technologies (e.g., train and metro)

Make automated decisions in substations according to predefined algorithms

Collect real-time data from road sensors to analyze, manage and prevent traffic

Exchange operational data between multiple control centers with different technologies

5 steps to successful implementation.



We identify your technologies and protocols to select the ideal hardware configuration.



We program custom features when needed.



We’ll help you configure your system to ensure that your operations run smoothly.



We train your staff to use and manage our software, enabling them to become autonomous.



We provide technical assistance for commissioning and will correct any anomalies that are detected.

Dainsy: The creative genius behind next-gen automation.

Collecting, managing, diagnosing, and transferring over 100,000 data points requires experience and ingenious minds that are as rigorous as they are creative. Not just automation.

Our high-performance, scalable communications gateway is:

  • Designed to operate in long-term projects, between 20 and 30 years, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Embedded with robust cybersecurity measures
  • Engineered to withstands downtimes and outages
  • Optimized for many manufacturers’ hardware platforms
  • Configurable via the powerful Sysgen configuration tool

What’s under Dainsy’s hood.

Protocols and interfaces

Modbus TCP (Master, Slave)
OPC-UA (Client, Server)
MQTT (Customer)
S8000 (Server)
BACnet IP (Coming soon)


Rockwell ISaGRAF Software PLC

Other features

Logs: Files, Syslog
Network: IPv4, IPv6, NTPv3/v4, DNS
Remote access: SSH, SFTP, HTTPS
Security: Firewall, Active directory, Password policy, Wazuh agent
Monitoring: Watchdog, TCPDump, Zabbix agent, Telegraf agent

Constant updates.

Dainsy is constantly evolving. Our guarantee is to optimize usability, efficiency, and, of course, security.

Check out our updates

Simplified compatibility.

Dainsy goes everywhere. Because we have certified industry-recognized targets to simplify our customers’ lives. And because we’ve developed expertise with a world-renowned partner: Siemens. So you can be sure of all the power of Dainsy at a great price. As well as the durability of your technological infrastructures. Nothing less!

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