System security

The outgoing technology no longer met the current cybersecurity standards.

Essential connection stability

An interruption in the connection to the PCEM system can put the entire public transport network out of service.

Redundant system deployment

The redundancy mechanism increases the reliability of the solution implemented by taking over from the first in the event of a technical problem.

For this project, one of the biggest challenges was the digital transformation that had to be made. The technology used to manage the transformation and distribution of electrical energy throughout the Paris public transport network was outdated, and the deployment of a new solution involved a significant technological change.

Finding the right compromise and settings to make the solution work for all stakeholders was a colossal challenge. One we overcame with flair.


The solution deployed by Resologi, including DAINSY real-time operating systems, will enable The RATP Group team in the Île-de-France region to configure and maintain their PCEM system in a simplified way. A second DAINSY will increase the reliability of the solution by taking over from the first in the event of a technical problem.


This new solution will allow The RATP Group to improve the efficiency of its operations on a number of levels, including:

  • Remote access and rebooting of complex hardware

  • Compliance with cybersecurity requirements for its facilities

  • Increased flexibility of work procedures

  • A simplified management for all premises

The Resologi team provided us with impeccable customer service. We have always had quick responses and very responsive technical support when problems have arisen, despite a six-hour time difference.