Integrated solutions optimize your business processes, improve efficiency of your systems and most importantly, allow you to innovate in your domain. At Resologi, integration is the art of interfacing multiple complex systems into a simple, intuitive solution for each user. This discipline is anchored in the know-how of our software architects, our programmer-analysts and our database experts.

Our experts work closely with our client’s experts to best understand needs, define processes, and match software requirements in order to integrate the whole into an elegant solution, designed to meet all the users’ needs.

Middleware programming, refactoring as well as the architecture and design of the database are only some of the accomplishments Resologi can provide for you.

  • Database optimization
  • Solutions architecture
  • Systems re-engineering
  • Software development
  • Improvements to business processes
  • Middleware development
  • Software integration




Intelligent thoroughfare


Design infrastructure to allow centralized management of traffic lights in preparation for a future urban monitoring centre to better manage traffic flow.


Resologi created a turnkey solution including installation and commissioning of all the hardware in Montreal. The implementation of this system allows drivers on Pie-IX and Sherbrooke Blvds to benefit from optimized traffic flow but also from instantaneous intelligent redirection in case of emergencies such as mass evacuations. The system can also be used to manage detours in case of accidents or other incidents.


  • Response time to incidents reduced by 8%
  • Increase of the quality of interventions
  • Rush hour traffic management optimization
  • Optimization of mass evacuation management
  • Collision risk zones reduced by 22%