Information technology is what allows communication and access to all your data sources. IT allows you to store, manipulate, produce and share your data. Resologi strives to remain at the edge of technology and by working with strategic partners, we develop the best solutions for our clients.

This expertise belongs to our enterprise architects, our system administrators and our IT specialists. They master servers as well as Windows and Linux environments, all telecom solutions (firewalls, routers, configuration, etc.). They size and deploy data centre solutions, Big Data solutions, high availability and virtual environments with hundreds of virtual machines.

Our expertise is in numerous sectors such as telecommunications, finance, legal, transportation, aerospace and manufacturing.

  • Design of telecommunication networks
  • Development of virtualization solutions
  • Command centre deployment
  • Sizing of data centres
  • High-availability architecture
  • Installation of validation platforms
  • Network security




Metrolinx Project


Develop an IT architecture for Metrolinx in Toronto, ON, to supervise, control and command the client’s equipment.


Resologi installed a solution based on VBlock technology. The infrastructure is part server, part storage and part networks, all of which meet the definition of a new trend called “converged infrastructure”. This solution allows the convergence of traditional IT resources at the heart of an evolving module and allows


  • 4.6x increased deployed applications
  • 45 days from 188 reduction in time to deploy
  • 36% maintenance cost reduction
  • 71% utilization cost reduction
  • 96% reduction of service failures