In constantly changing technological environments, it is important to be on top of the latest technologies in order to explore all options. This is why innovation is at the heart of Resologi’s strategy.

Whether it’s about design, production, programming, installation or the optimization of your systems, the professionals at Resologi are qualified to deliver your project in its entirety.

Thanks to its extensive field experience, Resologi developed its DAINSY product for the sole purpose of connecting objects. This IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) bridges the worlds of automation and computers, allowing access to data by multitudes of systems. With its team dedicated to IPC, we propelled some of our clients to new heights in business intelligence.

  • DAINSY answers all the needs of connected objects
  • Creation of highly innovative personalized solutions
  • Leading edge technical solutions
  • Smart communication gateways
  • Design of systems simulators
  • Durable development




Intelligent communication gateway


Feed a traffic simulator to predict traffic congestion based on real data obtained in field studies (vehicle average speed, lane occupation, vehicle count, etc.)


Resologi developed a communication gateway which connects to sensors to transmit data to the database located at the traffic control centre. The operator can use business intelligence tools to calculate and optimize light cycles to allow improved traffic flow, especially at rush hour, while insuring pedestrian safety.


  • Better visibility of field statistics
  • Traffic optimization
  • Better understanding of local traffic congestion
  • Improvement of security