Our Experts

To be considered as technology experts and creators of innovative solutions, it is indispensible to have solid in-house knowledge and experience. This why Resologi built with pride, over the years, a multidisciplinary team with over 250 years of relevant experience between all its members and has successfully delivered more than 1,250 mandates. This perfect balance of engineers, enterprise architects, programmers and IT specialists allows us to deal with all your integration needs.

< Julien Ciesla >


< Ramon Manso >

Systems Administrator

< Benoit La Rochelle >

System Architect

< Gabriel Cantin >

Software Architect and DBA Expert

< Pierre-Luc Tarte >

Software Architect

< Denis Chmielewski >

System Architect

< Martin Quintal >

Information Systems Diffusion Specialist

< Nicolas Bernier >

Software Architect

< Patrick Murphy >

SCADA Automation Specialist

< Shaïna Petit >

Project controller

< Celine Trotignon >

Executive director

< Simon Laroche >

System Engineer

< Isabelle Quintard >

HR Coordinator