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Issues solved

Since 2005, Resologi has been the reference in technology. Our 360⁰ approach integrates global customised solutions to simplify Industrial Information Technology, industrial automation and the engineering of computer systems. Looks complicated to most people, to us, it’s our favourite playground.

Our multidisciplinary team masters the art of programming, understands existing infrastructure and has deep knowledge of emerging technologies. In a nutshell, we simplify complexity and create innovative technological solutions tailored to your needs, and well stay alongside with you through the process. We’re born for this.

Issues solved

Some of our customers

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Information in its most practical structure

Information Technology is what allows you to communicate and to access all information sources, store it, manipulate it, produce and transmit it. Our team of Engineers and System Administrators can steer you in your choice of architecture, networks or cloud solutions.

Our expertise extends across many disciplines, in telecommunications, finance and legal, transport, aerospace and manufacturing

  • Design of telecom networks
  • Creation of virtual solutions
  • Command centre deployments
  • Data centre capacity management
  • High-availability solution architecture
  • Validation platform development

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